2020 Fashion Editorial (2:03)
Director & Production: Sapir Mualem
Director of Photography & Grading: Moshe Bukhman
Ela Zahavi - Ga'agua (missing) (3:48)
A music video in which we decided to talk about the problem of violence against women.
Director: Coral Goldner
DOP: Moshe Bukhman
Producer: Sapir Mualem, Production assistance: Shai Ezri, Moshe Bukhman
Editing, colorist & VFX: Moshe Bukhman
we’Ring Jewelry (1:00)
We used a series of rings by Dana Goldman to create a new vivid gaming world.
Production: Moshe Bukhman, Egor Gutin
Script, camera assistance, VFX, editing: Moshe Bukhman
Auto Pilot Night (not Volkswagen Ad) (00:50)
A short study ad about non exiting self driving function of a WV car.
Production: Moshe Bukhman, Eitana Epshtein, Sapir Mualem
Actresses: Lena Freydin, Shirli Rain, Yana Urlang
DOP, VFX, color grading & lighting: Moshe Bukhman
HORIZON (scripted & directed by Egor Gutin) (3:10)
Production: Egor Gutin, Reut Degani, Moshe Bukhman
Lighting, camera assistance & VFX: Moshe Bukhman
JerusAviv (1:54)
Two cities like two good friends living far away one from another. In the video they meet and have a good time together.
Sleeportation (1:51)
A story of a boy whose unique but dangerous ability is waking up every morning in a random unknown place far away, finding a way home where his mother's waiting for him.
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